Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Golf Season is Here!

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There is poetry and power to the golf swing. Of course, the requirement is that you have to witness the swing of a very good golfer to see such fine attributes! Here is a quick drawing of an "average" golfer (on the left) who does not exhibit these swing qualities, and on the right is a drawing I did of Ben Hogan (circa1947) who possessed a swing with beautiful rhythm and great power. Even a non-golfer will begin to see what I mean when viewing these two images side by side! The average golfer tends to swing off balance (and curses out loud), whereas the professional golfer is in perfect balance (and curses under his breath).

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Harry Hungry! -words & pictures by Steven Salerno

To see all my illustration portfolio samples, visit stevensalerno.com
Illustrating picture books are wonderful projects, especially when illustrating your own words! Thus far I have managed to be the author & illustrator three times out of the 17 pictures books I've been involved with. My third book, "Harry Hungry!" (a story about a toddler who cannot stop eating) was completed in 2007 for release this year, but now my editor at Harcourt, Samantha McFerrin, has moved the release date to February 2009... so I have to be patient to see it in the book stores. (I did just receive a printed, bound, preview copy, and it looks terrific!)
Posted here is the cover. Visit my web site to see a few of the inside pages from the book as well.