Friday, December 14, 2018

A few of my recent satirical political illustrations of our embattled President Trump, seemingly one step ahead of the accusations of Russian connections and business ties during the 2016 Presidential campaign... My usual body of work is illustrations for picture books, magazines and advertising, so it is interesting and fun to create these satirical critical images from time to time...

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Note on process: All of these illustrations were initially drawn using Adobe Illustrator (on a Wacom digital drawing tablet) and then I brought the drawings into Adobe Photoshop where scanned painted gouache textures were added as well as digital color (composed in layers) to create and finalize the competed illustrations.

above: President Trump taking a much needed break from all his Tweeting for a relaxing Russian steam... and exposing his various personal tattoos representing his key interests: money, real estate, golf, sexy women, and America. Illustration by Steven Salerno  -visit

above: King Donald  -Our President brandishing his little sword, wearing the finest royal outfit embroidered in gold. Illustration by Steven Salerno  -visit

above: King Donald (detail) Illustration by Steven Salerno  -visit

above: The Donald, dragging the pesky extra weight of the Russian Collusion accusations behind him, adding even more stress onto the Republican ride. Illustration by Steven Salerno  -visit
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Visit to view my various illustration portfolios and get an overview of my work.