Monday, March 9, 2015

Obama's Final Two Years... but how hard can he still hit?

Obama's Final Two Years...  visit
My friend Martin Kozlowski is the editor (and brilliant political cartoon satirist) of INX, the preeminent political cartoon service that provides weekly biting political and social cartoons to magazines and newspapers…  Many years ago I used to be a somewhat regular contributor to INX… but my own illustration career path veered me away from doing political cartoons anymore, but on rare occasion these days I do create a soft political cartoon and send it over to Martin for him to include in that week’s current INX package. 
I had been listening to some political pundits on TV questioning how effective Obama may be in his remaining two years in office… and so an image popped into my mind of President Obama as a somewhat weary, scrawny boxer flexing his muscles, ready to try and fight the good fight for another two years. 
I created this charcoal drawing of the Commander in Chief with a tattoo on his chest and arms saying, "Two More Years" complete with a soaring eagle for added commentary on his decided love for America -in case anyone is still wondering.
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Later this year I will have two more illustrated picture books released: "The Fantastic Ferris Wheel" (written by Betsy Harvey Kraft) published by Macmillan/Christy Ottaviano Books. Also,"Wild Child" written & illustrated by myself, and published by Abrams Books.