Friday, October 17, 2008

Investing in Heaven or Hell?

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This image (one of about 30 images) was created last year for the Forbes magazine "Richest 400" issue... Upon looking at it again recently, it made me wonder which way some of these investment executives are heading when they leave this earth (considering their creative investment vehicles undermined their own companies, drove our economy over a cliff and pulled a lot of hard working people's life saving along for the plunge, all while they garnered extremely high salaries or bonuses in the process).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Re-growth... It's a Natural Process. (patience required!)

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Have you ever been walking in a city... and spotted a lone, beautiful, little flower popping up from out of a tiny crack in the sea of concrete? It makes you stop a moment and marvel at its effort. When the dust settles a bit from the recent dramatic financial tailspin, we will all see the beginnings of growth again, even in areas where one least might have expected it. If you find yourself feeling beaten down, just look for that tiny crack above your head and keep PUSHING toward the sky!
The image posted above is an illustration I did so long ago, I cannot remember which magazine or client it was initially created for, but it seemed appropriate to show it again now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

“Tighten Your Belt” (if you even have a belt left to tighten!) -and “Is the Party Over?”

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The top image posted here, of the man contemplating his ample sized pants, was created for Business Week magazine, and the bottom two images are from an illustration I created quite a few years ago for a magazine article about that year's champagne industry's low sales figures... and it seemed also an appropriate metaphor for the current US economy's dramatic negative stock market reversals. (I added the "2008" onto the bottle's label, to make it time appropriate)
My new title for this image should be, "From Cristal Back to Kool-Aid"