Friday, April 10, 2015

my illustration promo ads in WORKBOOK 2015

The illustration directory book, WORKBOOK used to be printed in a large format, and was published one time a year. But for the last hand full of years they changed their format so that the book page size is smaller: (approx 9.25" x 7.25")  And it is now published twice a year, spring and fall. 

I feel it is now a much better deal (better bang for one's buck) for the illustrator advertising his/her art style in WORKBOOK for the art directors and design directors to see. You do not have the stress of choosing just ONE print ad image to represent yourself... you now have two ad images out there working for you as a promotional tool.

I think I have been an advertiser in WORKBOOK every year since about 1992! The spring directory book that is out now has my ad page image of a boy riding atop a red horse, with a mythical looking lake and building in the background. I created this image to possibly obtain new book cover assignments, picture book illustration assignments, and even graphic novel assignments... and as always, advertising projects could happen too. See this earlier post about the creation of this illustration. 


I just recently had to compete my next ad page art image, for the fall WORKBOOK which will be released in September/October this year. I wanted it to have a visual link to the spring ad page, so I came up with another character riding atop an animal. This time I depicted mythical Paul Bunyon riding atop his blue ox, Babe. Advertising this kind of image
will also probably attract publishing/book assignments. But even advertising projects too.

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