Monday, September 19, 2011

Baltimore Sun fall ARTS guide (cover art) ARTS cover    visit
caricature of Susan Boyle   visit

caricature of Bill Clinton   visit

Even though my illustration web site doesn't have any samples at all of portraits or caricatures of real people anywhere in my various portfolios... I still get art directors who contact me with assignments to do just that. I 'm not sure why I don't post any samples of caricatures or portraits of real people, because I have certainly done many such assignments in the past. I guess it is just not an angle within illustration that I wish to pursue. I'll leave it up to the Robert Risko's of the illustration world to carry that load!

Recently I was contacted by Jay Judge, creative director at The Baltimore Sun and was asked to create an illustration for the cover of their fall ARTS guide publication...and it had to include Jay Z, Kanye West, the logo icon from The Lion King, and film director John Waters! Quite a strange collection of bedfellows to all compose into one cohesive image to say the least. But I gave it a shot. Posted here is the final cover image. In this instance, with the portrayals of the Jay Z, Kanye, and Waters I did not really push it into the realm of caricature...but elected to rendered them in fairly natural proportions.

Also posted though, are a couple other samples of more "caricature" driven depictions I have done in the past.... of singer Susan Boyle and ex-president Bill (Bubba) Clinton.

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