Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That's Mr. Hogan to you...

painting study of Ben Hogan by artist Steven Anthony Salerno  -visit

limited edition print entitled "9/64" by artist Steven Anthony Salerno -visit

Usually, I keep entries to my illustration blog separate from my golf art blog, (see -the blog for my golf art gallery site, but sometimes I do decide to enter a post pertaining to my golf art on my illustration blog a way to inform people who only know of me by my whimsical illustrations that I also have a whole other artistic endeavor with my golf art images.

Posted here is my painting study (gouache, watercolor and pencil on paper) of past PGA Tour iconic superstar, Ben Hogan, one of my favorite players and subjects. This painting was then merged with one of my photos of wood textures to create a final art image for my edition of prints entitled "9/64" -which refers to Mr. Hogan having won 9 major championships and 64 PGA Tour victories in his career, and is available on my site in the "exclusive edition" category.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Day in Manhattan

sketch by Steven Salerno  -visit

It was a rainy day in Manhattan today... good for staying inside and working. Walking to the studio this morning, I observed the drizzle, rain and gray backdrop of concrete being punctuated brilliantly by little kids wearing rain gear of intense gloom-busting bright pinks, yellows, lavenders, blues, and greens... under equally color-saturated umbrellas, some so large that all I could see were a pair of rubber boots sticking out from under the umbrella bobbing up and down the sidewalk, moving forward (with an occasional directional adjustment given by mom's guiding hand) through the morning rush-hour throng scurrying off to work and school. Once in my studio, I did this quick sketch, posted here, from memory of one these brave inclement weather tots. My favorite though, was one fashion forward 4 year old wearing green boots in the shape of frogs, a raincoat with a monkey pattern (and the monkeys were wearing raincoats and rain hats!) and an umbrella in the shape of a giant duck. A future zoologist, no doubt.

After completing this little rainy-day sketch and contemplating it a bit, it reminded be of an Ernest H. Shepard illustration from Winnie the Pooh, written by A.A. Milne. I have also posted a scan of this particular drawing from my 1949 edition of the book. You can see the similarities... I guess an artist being amused at the sight of a little child wearing big boots and wielding an umbrella is an ageless charming vision.

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