Friday, April 2, 2010

Other World Doodles (AKA: aliens at large)

What does an artist do at the end of the day, after having already spent many hours creating images for assignments and projects? Pick up a pen and start drawing some more, of course.

 Sure, I do other things besides draw: exercise, cook, maybe watch a film, etc... but at the end of the day I still find myself picking up a pen again, especially when on the phone or watching some TV. Inevitably I start doodling and sketching -anything that comes to mind. In fact, in my experience, I think doodling and watching TV at the same time makes your doodles less of a conscious activity and your creative instincts seep through onto the paper more readily. Sometimes I hit a streak of doodling one particular subject or theme for a while... 

Posted here are some doodles of alien beings I created. The joy in being able to draw, is not only being able to depict what you see in front of you, but also to give life to whatever forms you imagine in your mind. It's fun to imagine what another kind of being might look like and realize it on paper. I created these images as if they were character thumbnails for a science fiction film project... I think they were all created with ball-point pen, or markers, on paper scraps. See another posting of my doodles here. 

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