Friday, August 14, 2015

-latest illustration for The New York Times.... "City Sounds"

Posted here is a detail from my recent illustration for the The New York Times (art director: Carol Dietz) which will appear on the cover of the Real Estate section this Sunday, August 16th, 2015.

(see link to NY Times on-line to view full illustration)

The article is from the point of view of apartment living in the city, and all the sounds in the air, from the lovely to the annoying -depending on the listener. My illustration depicts an apartment building with different sounds emanating from each of the windows.... the detail view shown here is of a rocker playing his guitar. (It was created with charcoal pencil, gouache, and digital color.)
detail of illustration by Steven Salerno for the New York Times 8/16/15
I've been creating illustrations for the NY Times since 1980, just out of design school! As usual, it's always a bit of pressure to meet their tight just have to jump into it, fly by the seat of your pants and make all the visual decisions quickly, and hope for the best.

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