Friday, June 19, 2009

Recession Blues? Forget About It! ...throw a party anyway... just buy cheaper cheese

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Posted here is a drawing I did some time ago, and I cannot remember which client I originally created it for! (I posted it in two segments, enabling it to be seen larger) The line work was done with black gouache using a brush, on top of a background of various big swashes of color, probably with watercolor... 

I think it was for a travel magazine editorial assignment, obviously on the topic of upscale cocktail parties in the city. Throughout my career I have always enjoyed doing scenes with a lot of characters... but from a practical business standpoint, creating a scene with so many different characters takes far more time to execute than an image depicting just a couple main characters. So, if a higher fee at the start of the project assignment cannot be negotiated, it ends up being a labor of love... because the fee usually will not match the number of hours it will take to complete such a dense image. 

Whenever I draw characters, I never use any reference what so ever, unless of course I am doing a caricature of a real person, then I will refer to a photo. When creating faces, I simply draw from my imagination... and living in a city of 9 million people helps. Because after years and years of seeing so many different types of interesting faces on a daily basis I think a kind of "facial type" memory skill is developed! -in this image, I especially like the little guy with the pencil moustache (in the bottom panel) directly under the waiter's arm. He looks like a young James Lipton!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Character sketches from my recent book...

To see all my illustration portfolio samples, visit my web site. 

In February of this year, my latest author/illustrator picture book for kids was released by Harcourt, entitled “Harry Hungry!” (click here to see previous post)

Above are two preliminary character sketches from very early in the process when I was first exploring how the main character should look... the gastronomically terrorizing tot named Harry. As you can see comparing these initial sketches with the final images from the book, Harry's final look ultimately was not as distorted. But there is a wonderful raw quality of these early sketches, so I thought I'd show them. I think doing a next book project wherein the final images are more in keeping with the roughness of these sketches would be a great look. 

The sketches were created with brush and gouache on white bond paper.