Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Travel on Sale?

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Every couple months I create a handful of spot illustrations for Westways group of magazines, all centered on topics related to your car, car travel, etc... (including flying to other places and then renting a car), Eric Van Eyke, art director.

The illustration posted here was for an article on travel discounts, both by air and sea, to popular tourist destinations... so I came up with a price tag concept, with an eddy and jet stream of a ship and a plane making the "S" in SALE, and icons of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Great Wall of China forming the A, L and E. They were created simply, with black gouache and brush on textured paper, scanned, and the color added in Photoshop. (The "tag," string, and shadow were all done in Photoshop as well.) I like this piece because it is so simple, but still has some rich detail to make it interesting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Recession Drawings... (unfortunately)

To see all my illustration portfolio samples, visit my web site. 

The Dow is up, but jobs are still way down.... it seems the all mighty dollar is a more elusive creature than ever before, certainly than compared to the 1990's when the dollar was practically leaping into one's pockets! 

Posted here are a few more of my "recession drawings" which are quick sketchbook brush drawings done directly onto paper without any pre planning... like glorified doodles, which I then scan into Photoshop and add simple, broad color. (see previous recession drawing posting)
What goes down must come up again... right? Looking for signs every day of the "recovery" seems like the old adage, “...a watched pot never boils.” In this case, the water may even still be cooling off, forget about it boiling!