Thursday, March 19, 2009

WILL RETURN BONUS -recession drawings

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The saying goes: A picture is worth a 1000 words.... but in these difficult financial times, the artist is forced to give back at least half of those words, so, currently a picture is only worth, at best, 500 words.
Posted above are a few of my quick, doodle-ish "recession" drawings from a sketch book. At the top Uncle Sam is looking bewildered sitting in one of his sweet bail-out cars. Next is a man hanging from a cliff burdened down with the weight of 2008, 2009, and 2010. Next is a drawing depicting an out-of-work Wall Street exec with a sign stating he'll give back any bonus money given to him... and at the bottom is the screen shot detail of the homepage.
INX is a weekly collection of editorial illustrations satirizing current happenings in politics and society, which are leased to newspapers and other publications around the country and abroad for use on their Op/Ed commentary pages. The Creative Director is Martin "KOZ" Kozlowski. I showed my "Will Return Any Bonuses" drawing to Martin, and he selected it for inclusion into the collection of INX images for this week.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fat Legs? Hairy Back?? -no problem!

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I illustrated the book The Style Guy (Ballantine), written by Glenn O'Brian (columnist for the men's magazine GQ), and I am just now getting around to showing a couple of the images here in my blog...
It is a fun, witty, lifestyle guide for men, giving advice on dress, manners, sex, grooming, dating, etc... and I was asked to contribute about a dozen illustrations, though I did not illustrate the cover. Posted here are just a couple of the images... the first image is about ways to dress to slim down your large legs, and the next concerns what to do about an excessively hairy back!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Naked Truth...

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Every month I create a series of spot illustrations for Westways, Orange County Westways, and San Diego Westways magazines, which are the publications of the Automobile Club of Southern California, art directed by Creative Director Eric Van Eyke. Actually the illustrations are contracted to also appear in a number of their other car/travel publications as well each month. (Hawaii Westways, Texas Journey, New Mexico Journey, Alabama Journey, and Northern New England Journey magazines)
They are always on a variety of subject matter all revolving around your car, travel destinations, etc... and a recent spot image was for an article on the possibility of having to sell your car in the face of repossession during these very difficult financial times.
Posted above are a few of the illustrations... the top image is of an unemployed man, his last worldly possession being his car, and he's forced to sell it. (actually this is a rejected image. At the last minute editors decided showing a half-naked man was inappropriate, so I ended up doing a different image) The middle image (SALE tag) was about cheap travels rates to well known destinations, and the bottom image (two gas pumps) was for an article about how to choose the correct gas octane rated gas for your car.