Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday NY Times, recent illustration cover assignment (Real Estate section)

Posted here is a look at a recent illustration assignment I did for The New York Times, appearing on their REAL ESTATE section cover on Sunday 9/11/2016. 
detail of illustration for NY Times, Real Estate section
It was for an article on new apps that helps determine precisely which of NYC’s 288 various neighborhoods would make the best fit for you, based on your preferences and needs when moving to the city. The article was info-heavy, so as a visual counter balance I created the five boroughs as fun puzzle-shapes, and to reflect that these apps helps one determine which neighborhood in which borough would be the best fit. Then I added in various vignettes icons that echo the many points made in the article about client’s needs. 
detail of illustration for NY Times, Real Estate section
It was created with a gouache painted texture that I layered into Photoshop for the background, then all the puzzle shapes and black & white vignette icons were all drawn digitally, including the lettering of the neighborhood names. All these elements were on separate layers so I could easily adjust all the elements within the composition.
full illustration for NY Times, Real Estate section
I started out as an illustrator in 1980, and one of my first clients was The NY Times... and I have created illustration work for them every year since. 36 years! 
detail of illustration for NY Times web site, Real Estate section
Posted here are some detail views of the finished illustration, the full view, and also a shot detail from the posting of the article and illustration. I actually have yet to see the printed Sunday Times with the illustration on the Real Estate section cover. 
For the past few years I have been doing illustrations in a much more realistic style manner... but for this assignment, due to the required light approach, I slipped back into my earlier more whimsical style mode, which you can still see samples of in the editorial and advertising portfolio sections on my web site, Take a look!