Wednesday, June 11, 2008

“Maps? Sure, I do maps!”

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It seems that hardly any map images,done for previous clients, are on display in any of my portfolios on my web site... I think I had intended to have a separate MAP portfolio section on my site, then just ran out of room. So, I always get calls from art directors needing a map illustration and they ask if I do maps. Sure I do! They are fun but some can be very time consuming, so one has to be careful and make sure the fee lines up with the time involved. Usually a typical "map" assignment requires the stylized map image, and also little visual icon images positioned on top.

Three samples posted above: the first is a detail of a downtown Manhattan map done for Crain's NY, the second is a section of the Jersey shore done for NJ Monthly magazine (without its icons), and the third is a section of Brooklyn, done for the NY Observer (without its icons).

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