Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"less is more" (but "way more" is fun!)

I do my best doodling when I am on the phone, or watching TV. Relative to drawing, I think sometimes the mind is less inhibited to conjure up fresh and unique visions when it is being distracted. By being on the phone or watching TV as your pen moves across the paper, you kind of fall into a "drawing auto-pilot" mode, wherein you begin spontaneously creating an image that you are not actually consciously aware of making... it just kind of appears. (case in point: visit the "other world sketches" portfolio section on my web site, to see all the "alien" doodles I created in this same manner.)

The other day I quickly made a little ball point pen doodle of a man smoking a pipe, riding atop a curly, fantastical bicycle contraption. And like most of the doodles I make, they are done on scraps of paper and on the backs of envelopes, so inevitably they get thrown in the trash... But I remembered making the "bicycle" doodle, and liked it, so a couple days later I then used a red crayon and a ball point pen to quickly recreate the original doodle, and again drew a man with the pipe riding the fantastical bicycle. I was careful to keep it as crude and "un-rendered" as possible, to imbue this new image with a doodle-like sensibility. I then scanned the drawing into Photoshop, and added in the texture of the ground beneath the bicycle by grabbing a section from a previous illustration of mine which consisted of greenish-brown brush strokes with gouache, plus I also digitally drew in the thin looping line of the pipe smoke. Viola! (click on the image above to see the full view of it)

Visit my web site to view all my illustration samples, and make sure to see my recent works in the new stuff portfolio section.

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elizabeth said...

Um, this is awesome. So so so delightful.