Wednesday, February 29, 2012

...more new illustration images

I still continue to create illustrations in the same light, whimsical manner that art directors have come to know me by -when the assignment calls for such an approach. And still certainly I take a whimsical approach for most all the children's picture books I illustrate.... However lately I added a new portfolio section on my web site called "new stuff" specifically for showcasing a different stylistic approach for myself, which actually is kind of a nod back to my own illustration style I had back when I first started illustrating many years ago. (see earlier post on this same subject)

My new approach to making images is less polished, more obviously drawn rather than rendered. And is psychologically darker in mood as well as more realistically structured. Posted here are a few more new images of mine... take a look. 

All three of these images happen to be kind of unplanned doodles done with either ball point pen or a fine marker. As I am drawing the image I wet the surface of the paper with my fingers to get the ink to bleed and smudge to get a shaded/wash effect. Then I scan them into Photoshop and add a minimal tone, or wash, or add in a texture from a previous image.

If you visit my web site and look in the new stuff portfolio, you can see the recent cover illustration assignment I did for Harper's magazine which I executed in this new style approach of mine. You can also see an earlier post on the making of the cover assignment illustration image.

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