Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Posted here are a couple new illustrations I just created... wherein I'm working out a bit of a slightly different technique..

Recently I've been noodling around with a new picture book story, about a tiny elephant named Elliot. And since I was at a point with the writing where I was stuck, I stepped away from the story for awhile and used the time to create these couple test illustrations -to help better define the characters from the story in my mind, and also ended up toying around with a new technique at the same time. 

Normally I create most of my illustrations by drawing and painting the various elements traditionally on paper -then scanning them all into Photoshop where I compose the various elements in tiered layers to make the final look of the illustration, including adding digital color. 

But with these two test "Elliot" illustrations posted below I drew the characters directly in Adobe Illustrator on a Wacom tablet using a variety of there "charcoal" drawing tools .. then brought those Adobe Illustrator drawings into Photoshop where I added in scanned painted gouache textures to help make the look of some of the elements in the final illustration, plus painted color digitally, too. (for example the background trees in the top illustration).

illustration for ELLIOT... visit stevensalerno.com

illustration for ELLIOT... visit stevensalerno.com

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