Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Animation Character Design Samples

To see all my illustration portfolio samples, visit stevensalerno.com
When I first graduated from Parsons School of Design years ago (now named Parsons/The New School for Design) I immediately began working as a freelance illustrator, but was not quite getting enough assignments to meet all my bills, so I also got a job as an “in-betweener” for the animators at a commercial animation studio in NYC, Perpetual Motion Pictures. At that point I thought my career would advance through animation, as I really loved animated films and had studied animation at Parsons under instructors Howard Beckerman and Randall Enos. (it was pre-digital days... my student film was done the “old fashioned way” with cells and background paintings, then shot on film using a vertically mounted camera) But after a year working at the animation studio I started getting so many illustration assignments that I quit the animation studio to concentrate just on illustration and have not looked back.
Recently I created about a dozen or so "animation character" samples on my web site, two of which I have posted here on the blog... for the purpose of catching the eye of an animation director or producer and getting back into animation by doing some character design. I'll see what develops!

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