Friday, November 14, 2008

Excessive Sweating? Twitchy Legs? (sure signs of a recession)

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Posted above are two projects I was involved with at the test stage... neither of which proceeded to a “final”. In other words, in both cases the client decided on a different direction than with what I was hired to create for the preliminary test (comp) stage.
At the top is a photo of my mock test label I created for Unilever Degree antiperspirant, done through red orchestra/branding in Chicago, under the direction of Bernard Mongiardini/Creative Director. Also shown is the full set of four “attitude/scent” test labels I created... Bernie asked me to update the Degree “check mark” logo and include various orbiting icons representing the essence of each attitude/scent. Unfortunately my approach was rejected, and the client chose to go in a different direction for the project...
Next is the grasshopper character I created for UCB Pharma ...the German pharmaceutical's drug advertisement/packaging aimed at restless leg syndrome (RLS) sufferers. It was done through Mc/K Healthcare Advertising in Boston, Breda Kenyon and Erin Murphy/art directors. The advertising agency had already decided on the grasshopper as a character, and needed me to insert my stylish spin. These ad comps were presented to the client... but apparently using a grasshopper concept to represent the drug was scrapped compeletly.
So, if the current troubling national/global economic downward spin is causing you excessive sweating during the day and jumpy legs at night, you will just have to find products without my artwork on the packaging to relieve your symptoms!

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