Monday, November 24, 2008

My new BLACKBOOK illustration directory ad page...

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Every year, starting from about 1991, I have advertised my illustration work to art directors through national illustration directories which are published once a year and sent to about 18,000 art directors. I must submit the final art file for my ad page(s) about 8 months before the directory is printed and distributed... Usually I place ads in several different directories each year, which gives me the flexibility of presenting several different images reflecting the range of my graphic work... from more stylish, stylized images to more humorous images. 

This year I have promotional ads in Workbook, Picture Book (aimed specifically for the children's book marketplace), and Black Book. These print directory ads are only a part of how I promote each year. In addition to my own web site, I also have "web portfolios" on the web sites of all the illustration directories I advertise in, including additional web portfolios with,,, and I also use snail mail to send postcards and other direct mail promotional items to art directors. With this economic downturn, I will probably cut back to being in just one directory, and maintain presence in all the various on-line illustration web sites... 

Posted here is my current ad page image in the Blackbook illustration directory being distributed to art directors now. (see the sketch for this ad image in an earlier post.)

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